Kopenhagen.dk interview with Maibritt Rangstrup, 27 April 2016

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Review of the exhibition Nordic Spells, Basel, Switzerland, 2014


Maibritt Rangstrup: Scenes In Between solo exhibition text, 2016

Maibritt Rangstrup works in series and sequences of still pictures that draw their tension from cinematic and camera-based narratives. In a series of paintings, she explores the Scenes In Between - the type of evocative cut-scenes commonly seen in film. Challenging the ongoing overload of visual imagery in our everyday life, Rangstrup pauses the film and focuses on the quiet and contemplative nature of the stills we tend to overlook.

The motifs of Rangstrup’s works seem strangely unsettling, yet familiar - like cut-scenes from a dream long forgotten. They are predominantly drawn from the inhabited nature we know so well, yet the visible stroke of the brush and the flattening quality of the surface keeps us from believing the representation - as if our eyes flicker between the dark scenes and the disclosure of their construction. 

Rangstrup’s Scenes In Between points towards an alternative, slower and more contemplative visual space. In her paintings the suspense-laden stillness in between decisive narratives has taken focus, and what unfolds is an atmospherically dense psychological space which seems to withhold its secrets. The lack of clearly-defined narrative or pictorial focus turns the paintings into poetic screens, allowing for space upon which the viewer’s personal perceptions and thoughts can be projected.

Sam Fisher on the Paintings of Maibritt Rangstrup

Maibritt Rangstrup comes from a history of making that is familiar 
with the way in which technology both gives and takes away certain 
things. Images made by artists who were once video and filmmakers, 
seem very different from those who were not, because of where they 
have been and what they know and what they have done to get to here.

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